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Operating Tips of varying sorts, especially for Yaesu FTdx101MP and Mac OS

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Port settings for configuring MacLoggerDX - WSJT-X - GridTracker:

GridTracker offers a UDP relay facility, and you can use this to have GridTracker receive and inspect UDP packets and display its map, and then send the packets on to MacLoggerDX for further processing.

GridTracker, use the Settings panel to set the UDP listening port to 2238. Turn on UDP forwarding, and set the destination port to 2237. Leave the IP address at Then, in WSJT-X Preferences, in the Reporting tab, set the UDP server port number to 2238. Leave the UDP Server IP address at

That’s it. WSJT-X will send received data to UDP port 2238, where it will be inspected by GridTracker and then forwarded to port 2237, where it will be picked up as usual by MacLoggerDX.

Standard configuration for WSJT-X and Yaesu FTdx101MP using FTdx101MP Data-U
Note: In Mac OS, under CAT Control, the port selected must be an enhanced port.
Note: In Mac OS, under PTT Method, the port selected must be an enhanced port.
Important Note: A restart of Mac OS may require the ports to be assigned again.

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60 meter FT8 configuration for WSJT-X and Yaesu FTdx101MP using FTdx101MP USB
Note: In Mac OS, under PTT Method, the port selected must NOT be an enhanced port — select a standard port.

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Yaesu FTdx101MP on 60 Meters FT8

Create a WSJT-X configuration with the following settings:
  1. set rig to none
  2. mode to USB
  3. split to none
  4. PTT to RTS
  5. name the configuration FTdx101MP 60 Mtr

The following settings need to be set on the FTdx101MP Radio settings:
  • SSB Mod Source to Rear
  • Rear Select USB
  • RPort Gain to at least 10 up to 50
  • RPPT to RTS

WSJT-X & FTdx100MP Operation:
  • Switch the WSJT-X Configuration to FTdx101MP 60 Mtr
  • On the touch screen select MEMORY CHANNELS
  • Push the V/M button.
  • Turn to Channel 5-03 -- 5.358.500 USB
  • Set R. Fil to 12Khz
  • AMC level for 60 meters is about 30 depending on the power slider in WSJT-X
  • After 60 meter operation is complete
    • Push the V/M button to end memory channel use
    • Switch the WSJT-X Configuration back to FTdx101MP 01 for use on other bands

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FTdx101MP CW operation with WKmini, Fldigi, and MacLogger

  1. If you do not normally have MacLogger pass FTDX101MP info to Fldigi as a rig control, start MacLogger and perform the following:
    • Start MacLogger separately before starting Fldigi
    • Enable rig connection to FTdx101MP as described in the first screenshot to the right for the MacLogger Radio preferences.
    • Select the port that has the enhanced USB connection
  2. Turn off realtime logging in MacLogger if you do not log from Fldigi directly to MacLogger and later import the Fldigi ADIF export
  3. Quit MacLogger if you auto start MacLogger when you start Fldigi
  4. Start Fldigi -- this will also start MacLogger (if option enabled — otherwise start MacLogger separately) and connect to FTdx101MP
  5. Fldigi CW Modem configuration for WKmini should be as in the second configuration screenshot to the right -- click the INITIALIZE Connect button
  6. Set OP Mode to CW
  7. FTdx101MP frequency will be updated in Fldigi by MacLogger
  8. Set CW speed in bottom left corner of Fldigi
  9. Set FTdx101MP to CW-U; select 600Hz R. Fil to start
  10. Push in Keyer knob to enable rear keyer for WKmini
  11. All Fldigi macros work with CW WKmini
  12. Use T/R Fldigi to send text NOT in Macros-- MUST toggle T/R OFF again to re-enable receive on Fldigi
  13. Use LOG button on Fldigi to log all QSOs
  14. Export Fldigi log to ADIF
  15. Import this ADIF to MacLogger
  16. Update all entries with Callbook
  17. Upload imported QSOs to eQSL, QRZ, and LotW
  18. To exit MacLogger and use for other modes or use
    • Quit Fldigi
    • Turn off MacLogger connection to FTdx101MP
    • Turn realtime logging back on
    • Quit MacLogger
    • Push in FTDX101MP Keyer knob to turn FTdx101MP Keyer OFF and disable WKmini operation
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